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It Will Be The End Of The Colored Glaze?

My nails have never been in fashion lately. Thousands of trends emerge every moments, leaving the passionate about the subject in an uproar. Now, after all kinds of glazes, with their varied colors and textures, the novelty is to use fake nails, which are not very well accepted, and best of all, transparent. That’s right, no enamel. And there, alright?

The fashion comes from outside, appearing in parades of large international brands. The trend works as follows: it is not a total abandonment of glazes, they still appear, but in clear colors, especially white. You must apply the enamel on natural nail and acrylic nails. Yes, nothing strange, and the novelty’s dividing opinions. Some say that the result is quite unusual and little usable, other guarantee that with dedication at the time of application of nails the effect can be quite cool and good for a change.

Here in Brazil women are true fans of the jars of glazes and the last attempt to bring something new, the matte glaze, it didn’t take much. Imagine, then, make them abandon the colors? It’s really hard, but like everywhere there is always a person to launch fashion, some figurehead of the fashion world adopted the idea and various fashionistas go after. It’s a matter of taste. It’s not ugly, it’s just different. Valley experience and if you do not approve, go back to the good old colored enamel.