Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma


City in the United States
State Oklahoma
County Tulsa County
Coordinates 36°6’N, 95°54’WL
Surface 522.76 km²
– country 512.17 km²
– water 10.59 km²
(788 inhabitants/km²)
Mayor GT Bynum (R)
Website cityoftulsa.org
Tulsa’s skyline at night

According to ehuacom, Tulsa is the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma in the United States, after Oklahoma City. It is the county seat of Tulsa County. Tulsa is located on the Arkansas River in the eastern part of the state. The city has 413,066 inhabitants (2020). The Tulsa metropolitan area has a population of 1,015,331 (2020).


Indian Territory

Tulsa was originally part of the Indian Territory, an area to which Native Americans from other parts of the United States were forced to relocate.

Oil Capital

In 1901, oil was found in the town of Red Fork, southwest of Tulsa. As a result, Tulsa changed from a quiet Indian town to a boomtown that attracted oil workers, businessmen and adventurers. A bridge over the Arkansas River was built in 1904. More oil was discovered in nearby Glenpool in 1905, after which Tulsa became a center of all activities related to the oil and gas industry. Tulsa has been called the “oil capital of the world”. After the oil crisis from 1982 to 1984, this title went to Houston, Texas.

Massacre 1921

Segregated Tulsa was rocked by the so-called ” Tulsa Race Riots ” on June 1, 1921; an outburst of violence by a white mob against the black inhabitants of the city. After an incident following the arrest of a black shoe shiner, a large crowd of white residents stormed the African-American neighborhood of Greenwood, then Black Wall Street .’ named. The neighborhood was completely destroyed. The exact death toll is unknown, but it may be around 300. A thorough investigation was not done at the time and insurance companies refused to pay the victims on the basis of riot clauses. American society turned to the order of the day and the tragedy was forgotten. At the beginning of the 21st century, this changed. In 2021, Joe Biden became the first U.S. president to be the guest of honor at the 100th anniversary in Tulsa. He called the events by their names: “These weren’t riots, it was a massacre” carried out by “white supremacists”. Biden called for continuing the fight against racism. .


Although the oil industry is still important in Tulsa, the city is now also a major center of the telecommunications and aviation industry. The airline American Airlines has a large base for maintenance of its aircraft. The data center for SABER, one of the major central reservation systems for commercial aviation, hotels, etc., is located in Tulsa.

Many American car rental companies such as Avis, Dollar, Budget, Thrifty and National also have offices and reservation systems in Tulsa. This dates back to a time when data communication lines were still very expensive and it was therefore beneficial to place national reservation systems in the center of the country.

Traffic and transport

The local airport is Tulsa International Airport with more than 3 million travelers per year and 70 departures per day.

Tulsa is located on Interstate 44, which connects the city east to Saint Louis, Missouri, west to Oklahoma City, and on to Texas.

Tulsa is also located on the legendary Route 66, which has been touristy since 1985 from Chicago to Los Angeles.

East of Tulsa, in the locality of Catoosa, is the Port of Tulsa (Tulsa Port of Catoosa), which provides the city with an inland waterway connection to the Mississippi River and the Port of South Louisiana.


12.9% of the population is older than 65 and 33.9% of it consists of single -person households. Unemployment is 3% (census figures 2000). About 7.2% of Tulsa’s population is Hispanic and Latino, 15.5% of African origin and 1.8% of Asian origin. The number of inhabitants increased from 367,167 in 1990 to 393,049 in 2000 and to 413,066 in 2020.


Tulsa has a relatively temperate climate with an average annual temperature of 14°C and an annual rainfall averaging 1042 mm. More specifically, it concerns a humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa). In January the average temperature is 1.8 °C, in July it is 28.5 °C.

Tulsa Sound

Tulsa’s most famous resident was singer/songwriter JJ Cale. Cale was the best known interpreter of the so-called Tulsa Sound. Cale sang in several songs about Tulsa and Oklahoma. In addition, the song Tulsa time, written by Danny Flowers (best known in the version by Eric Clapton and Don Williams), has become a classic. The band Hanson (known for the song MMMBop from 1997) is also from there.

Nearby places

The figure below shows nearby places within a 20 km radius of Tulsa.


Bixby (20 km)

Broken Arrow (17 km)

Catoosa (17 km)

Jenks (14 km)

New Tulsa (18 km)

Oakhurst (12 km)

Owasso (20 km)

Sand Springs (17 km)

Sperry (19 km)

Turley (13 km)

Born in Tulsa

  • Jennifer Jones (1919-2009), actress
  • Tony Randall (1920-2004), actor
  • Naomi Parker (1921-2018), factory worker and model
  • Blake Edwards (1922–2010), film director and screenwriter
  • John Ingle (1928-2012), actor
  • Jerry Nelson (1934-2012), Muppet puppeteer
  • Charles Dumas (1937-2004), athlete
  • David Gates (1940), singer-songwriter (Bread)
  • Marshall Bell (1942), actor
  • Carl Radle (1942-1980), bassist (Eric Clapton, (Joe Cocker)
  • Jim Keltner (1942), jazz drummer and percussionist, session musician
  • Larry Clark (1943), photographer and film director
  • John Wilkin (1946), songwriter, singer and session musician
  • Mary Kay Place (1947), actress, film director, screenwriter and singer
  • Bobby Baldwin (c. 1950), poker player
  • Alfre Woodard (1952), actress
  • Cornel West (1953), professor of theology and African American studies
  • Charlie Wilson (1953), R&B singer and music producer
  • Wade Williams (1961), actor
  • Garth Brooks (1962), singer, actor, songwriter
  • Pamela Bach (1963), actress
  • Jeanne Tripplehorn (1963), actress
  • Heather Langenkamp (1964), actress
  • Lauren Stamile (1976), actress
  • Eva Jinek (1978), American-Dutch presenter
  • Bill Hader (1978), comedian and actor
  • Jared Tyler (1978), singer-songwriter
  • Ryan Tedder (1979), songwriter and singer in the American band OneRepublic
  • Malese Jow (1991), actress, singer and songwriter
  • Mariah Bell (1996), figure skater
  • Kenneth Bednarek (1998), athlete
  • Wesam Keesh (????), actor

Tulsa, Oklahoma