Unification of Italy: the Clock Damiani

Missing very few days to the celebrations for the 150 years of ‘Unification of Italy and fashion has created some very interesting projects. Already the shows we have seen parading clothes and accessories dedicated to these celebrations, such as the creations of Roccobarocco and Maria Grazia Severi, but today we present the clock Belle Epoque Watch Collection for Damiani, made with diamonds, rubies and emeralds in homage to our Tricolore.

Unification of Italy the Clock Damiani 1

The March 17 will be the 150th of the Unification of Italy festival, a very important holiday for our country in 1861, after centuries of foreign domination, managed to unify its territory under one flag, the white, red and green: our beloved Tricolor. This festival has given rise to much controversy, especially among our politicians, but saw the stylish compact and united. Even during the parades we saw several creations dedicated to this celebration, for example that of Rocco Barocco and Maria Grazia Severi.

Unification of Italy the Clock Damiani 2

But there are many other initiatives, such as that of Damiani. The brand jewelry and watches of luxury presented Belle Epoque Collection Watch, a watch in just 150 pieces decorated with diamonds, rubies and emeralds that pay homage to the colors of our flag . The case is made of white and the crown, also in white gold, is characterized by the diamond cabochon and rotating bezel with 26 diamonds set with 0.35 carats, 6 emeralds and 6 rubies. The dial is in natural white mother of pearl and brass rhodium-plated hands with 12 diamonds.

Unification of Italy the Clock Damiani 3

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