Use Huawei Ascend P2-with Gloves

Ascend P2 is not only the world’s fastest smartphone, it also has a technology that makes that you can operate it with gloves on.

Huawei has just presented Ascend P2, which according to them is the world’s fastest smartphone. But that’s not all, for the 4.7 inch big screen also has a technology which makes you can operate it with gloves on.

Huawei is not the first mobile manufacturer, which has cast over the technology – Nokia was back in the latter part of 2012 promote and talk about, among other things, their top model Lumia 920 which also can be operated both with gloves and nails.

However, they have not chosen to call technology, which makes it possible for the same, but in the end give the result the same. For a smartphone that can be wearing ordinary gloves.

Ascend P2, however, is not the only smartphone from the Chinese mobile manufacturer, as this may. Ascend Mate would supposedly also be operable with gloves.