Valentine’s Day Makeup: Eyeliner Kitty with Pink Or Red Lipstick?

The most romantic month of the year has arrived and therefore the preparation for Valentine’s day is released! For those who have that special someone to share the day June 12, the dilemma on what look or use makeup on the date begins to emerge. So, the battle of today brings two inspirations to make made with delineated kitten, synonymous with romance and sensuality. Which lipstick is more beautiful:pink or red? Vote for your favorite and learn more details about makeup for Valentine’s day!

Kitty liner ensures the charm of makeup

Want to detail more feminine makeup from and charming than the sketchy kitten? Besides being wildcard, the effect creates a striking and seductive look, perfect for use at a celebration for two. For the day, it’s worth betting on a more subtle dash of lean-to, starting by the middle of the eyelid. If the celebration happen at night, is allowed to do a more elaborate.

Lipstick Pink is a classic sweet and delicate style and guarantees

Those who do not give up to match the makeup with the climate of romanticism of Valentine’s day you can bet the pink lipstick, be it in nude, pink or even pink. To ensure a natural effect lips, the tip is to bet in a shade that looks like skin tone. And to get away from the very delicate effect, the output is to choose lipsticks with matte finish or creamy, rather than the glossy. In this way, the matte effect will ensure a touch more modern type, in addition to combine with colder days which give welcome this time of year.

Red lipstick is ideal to surprise on Valentine’s day

For those who want to surprise her boyfriend, the trick is to choose the infallible lipstick red. Synonym of sensuality and power, the item leaves any more elaborate and irreverent production, in addition to match any occasion. If the celebration is during the day, the color will be a protagonist in visual, ensuring a more classical touch when combined with the sketchy gartinho. If the celebration happen overnight, however, it is worth increasing with a shadow in a neutral tone, as Brown. As well as the pink lipstick, bet on products which have matte texture to prevent stains or smudges, as well as ensure a color more intense and longer.