Westwing Guide to Moroccan Lantern

Very rich, full of mosaics, beautiful designs and arabesques, the Moroccan decoration mixes simplicity and ostentation, with different prints and a lot of color, without leaving the environments with heavy aspect. On the contrary: the lines created are subtle, the shapes combine and the objects of decoration are exceedingly charming, such as the Moroccan lantern, decorative piece that leaves any charming and delicate space with its well-known chandelier, lamp or mini cage format.

The Moroccan lanterns are versatile and come in various sizes, models, shades and ways to use. For this reason, they adorn both houses and events and parties, especially weddings, giving a touch of softness, beauty and elegance. The Westwing understands innovation, whether of national or foreign origin, but always with taste and style and, therefore, inspires you to adopt a renewed decoration with the simple use of the Moroccan lantern.

Decoration With Moroccan Lantern

Widely used and well-known among the population and visitors to Morocco, the geometric forms found in furniture and decorative elements – such as in the outline and designs of the Moroccan lantern from Hetongdiy.com  – were a pattern idealized in the tenth century by Islamic artists with the aim of avoiding reproductions of living beings, forbidden at the time by religion.

And it is these shapes, as well as the rustic style of the material and craftsmanship, that create a delicate and amazing way of decorating. The decorative Moroccan lantern is usually made of metal and that, when apparent in the decoration , is a luxury! But the versatility of the lantern also allows it to be painted in many colors, including white, in combination with any element and furniture.

Outside areas are cheerful and refined if decorated with a Moroccan lantern. The tip in this case is to hang them on the roof of balconies, for example, or in the pergola of a garden . Another suggestion is to support a gilded Moroccan lantern over the end of loungers or benches on balconies, leaving the perfect spot to relax.

Weddings are great occasions for the use of Moroccan lanterns: hanging from trees or distributed by dining tables, stairs, dressers and every corner of a buffet, creates a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere. When fabricated with glass protection , they prevent accidents and are very stylish.

Moroccan Lantern: Decorating Environments With Other Items

In addition to a lamp, the Moroccan lantern is an excellent ornament . Proof of this is its multifunctional use with candles, lamps or even plants. Smaller, more delicate lanterns can be hung with small candles indoors, such as lavatories and offices, resulting in a boho style.

The larger Moroccan lanterns demand light bulbs and, if placed on the table, complete a dining room, making it more intimate for a romantic dinner. Or, still, the living room when placed in a corner on the floor. You can also dispense with the lamp function and use a Moroccan lantern only as an ornament. To this end, insert a vase with a flower or plant. It’s a charm!

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