Windows Mobile Phone by Sendo: What Long-Lasting

The Sendo Z100 was announced over 18 months ago, still isn’t on the market.We were able to test a nearly finished pre-production model. The English position the Z100 as “The World’s smartest phone”. With us, you will learn if that’s true.

Windows Mobile Phone by Sendo: What Long-Lasting

Sendo with the Z100 has earned since the champion an announcement. When it comes to the Birminghamern, the smart phone will come later this year in the shops, if play the operator there is but not sure yet. Meanwhile, the Sendo developers can no longer claim the Z100 was the first mobile phone with a Microsoft operating system.As at 22 October he presented English network operator Orange in London a “Windows powered smart phone device” under the name of SPV (sound, pictures, video). It is produced the device previously under the code name ‘Canary’ (Try: HTC Canary aka Orange SPV) in Taiwan by HTC.

After all, there are already Z100 models, which are just before the start of production.We were able to test one of these rare devices in the newsroom.

Hardware: Computers In Mobile Format

Giant color display, moderate dimensions and joystick: Convinced the exterior at the Z100. However, Sendo should improve a few odds and ends before the start of the series.

The Z100 should weigh less than 100 grams, it was previously called in all advertisements. This seems not to be able to carry out Sendo our test device weighs 118 grams? With camera, it comes to 135 grams. That is not much for a device with a huge display and feature-rich but still. The dimensions are similar to a larger ‘normal’ cell phone. 125 x 50 x 22 mm it fits easily into jackets and handbags, shirt pocket’s is too big and too heavy but a lot.

The display is 43 x 35 millimeters (agricultural area), it can display 65,536 colors 176 x 220 pixels. The quality is good, the applied technology of TFT reflexive texts directly on the display translucent sunlight can be well read.

According to Sendo, the battery provides power for three to four hours continuous talk, in stand-by mode the Z100 to hang up 80 to 120 hours. After several days of use it seems worth but rather optimistic. Our tip for Z100 owners: Are them longer than a day on the road, should in any case the charger take.

At the top of the keyboard consists of the keys that are required by Microsoft: two context-dependent occupied soft keys, a five-way joystick, a home button, the user always comes back on the so-called “home screen” and a “back”-button, with which it in the menus goes one step back. The buttons are well lit, only at half-light, the letters can be somewhat tedious reading. The pressure point of the keys was pretty vague in our test device. In addition, reacted the right soft key and the back button sometimes too sensitive and triggered twice, even though we had pressed only once.

Windows Mobile Phone by Sendo What Long-Lasting 1

32 megabytes of Flash memory has built-in Sendo Smartphone, of which about 10 megabytes available are the user – depending on the number and size of the installed programs -. In addition, the device can manage SD or multimedia memory card, none is provided however.

According to Sendo, as SD-cards with over one gigabyte will the Z 100 should cause no problems. The device supports the input/output functions of the SD-card slot (SDIO) and can be retrofitted also for example also works with Bluetooth SD cards.However this may not be greater than a memory card, for more space does not permit the housing.

Software – Windows Powered Smartphone

Microsoft’s Smartphone operating system immediately brings a variety of functions. But, Outlook, Internet Explorer and Media Player, also on a cell phone can be meaningfully used?

The important mobile phone functions are integrated in the operating system: you can make calls with the Z 100 and the built-in Outlook addresses to manage, as the short messages. The Smartphone also provides profiles to the volume adaptation to different environments. An integrated handsfree belongs also to the standard feature set for Windows Smartphones. He sounds at the Z100 users quite reasonably, but the receiver hears the own ECHO so loud that the whole handsfree is pointless. This problem with the devices of the series should be resolved according to Sendo. Much better than with the free speaker were like us in our test device through the included stereo headset talk.

Outlook is a key element of Windows Smartphones. Emails, SMS, contacts, calendar, tasks and memos can be there open manage and synchronize via USB or infrared with the PC. According to Sendo, companies with a mobile information server from Microsoft employees with a Z100 to perform even updates online via GPRS.Microsoft has waived the synchronization of Outlook notes, by the way, Windows phones can only record audio notes, and manage.

Synchronization via USB with the desktop PC worked in the test. About 400 addresses and 100 calendar entries were about five minutes on the phone. Very convenient: Z100-Outlook can multiple addresses manage for an entry, for example a professional and a private address.

The built-in email client supports POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP. Very useful: In the settings, you can set a size limit for the mail-download. Pretty amazed has us, that the mobile Outlook when sending e-mail allows only voice notes as an attachment.Who did for example photos with the Z-i camera put on, can send it only via the software.

The Multimedia Phone

WWW, WAP and iMode-enabled browser, integrated video and MP3 player, large colour display and support MMS: The Z100 seems prepared for the multimedia future.

Internet Explorer Mobile supports HTML 3.2 and is also WAP 1.2.1. WAP 2.0 enough on the priority list was probably not high at Microsoft. For this, the browser can display compact-HTML pages and thus the most i-mode content. In the test, the browser worked fine, only occasionally there were problems in the establishment of a GPRS connection. For “normal” Web sites, the display is too small, but pages optimized for PDAs can be wonderful to read. The writing is razor sharp although quite small, but thanks to the good resolution.

Audio / video
Microsoft’s integrated media player plays MP3 files and some video formats (.asf, .asx, .wax,. wm, .wma, .wmv, .wmx, .wvx).The preinstalled videos ran easily, as we but videos in the asf-and downloaded wmv file on the phone, the player showed still images us at best, in case the screen remained entirely black.

In addition, Sendo has bought a packet video player the Z100 which can play also streaming media. Depending on the server technology used by the network operator, the English want to equip with a player of Emblaze mobile phone if required.

Windows Mobile Phone by Sendo What Long-Lasting 2

The transfer and playback of MP3s worked completely. The sound is due to lack of bass with the supplied stereo headset but rather mediocre.

Digicam and MMS
The snap digicam Z i can record images in VGA format (640 x 480 pixels). Their quality is similar to that in daylight of the pictures taken with the Nokia 7650, proves to be in darker scenes but as worse. When taking pictures, the display serves as-slow-viewfinder. More than one, maximum two frames per second are not displayed.And when our test we had to make sure that the “victim” a few seconds remained motionless after the trigger, the time delay when a recording is really long. According to Sendo, these problems should be fixed but with the next software.

We still can’t judge support the multimedia messaging (MMS) of the Z100, she was not yet implemented in our test device.

More software
The many software developers programming for Windows are a great advantage of the Windows platform. Even before the start, there are several dozen providers of additional software for the Z100 according to Microsoft. These are mostly games, the quality of which is the usual so far with cell phones pixels in the shade. Examples deliver the game tennis addict or the BubbleO known from the arcades where you have to shoot colored balls with a cannon through the area.

Sendo packs and Office applications to: A word -, Excel and zip Viewer to be preloaded when the market starts on the phone. Until then, Sendo wants to incorporate even a Java engine in the Z100.

Operation: Windows Slows Down

If you come from the Windows world, will feel quickly Windows Smartphone, due to the familiar icons and the user interface. And the management of the phone book is simply the scoop. However, so much convenience has a price: the mobile responds quite slowly.

In stand by mode, it lights up so-called home screen on the Z100. It consists of several parts: the top bar displays the most recently used programs and allows quick access to frequently used applications. Including the mobile reports the network operator and the time the calendar indicate due dates and the Inbox shows incoming emails or SMS. In the last line, you can see which profile is active. Very practical: With the joystick, you can select each line and, if necessary, make changes.

The navigation is quite catchy with the joystick, the two soft keys, as well as the back button. Sometimes takes it but pretty long before the Z100 responds to an input.Since mobile phones without Windows are usually much faster. This all thanks to the large color display is pretty clearly. The programs are displayed in list form, on leading digits quickly come through the menu levels.

The management of contacts is exemplary. The user on the keyboard types the first letter of a stored name, the Z100 provides a more precise growing with each letter selection list him. For example, If you the 5 and 8, the Z100 displays all entries, the first letters press j, k or l and second a t, u, ü or v are: julia Roberts, JüJürgen Mölleman, Luis Tan or Peter Lustig… After quickly getting used to, so the calls from contacts manages at lightning speed.

Annoyed we have however, that our Tesgerätes T9 user dictionary is not extensible.An absurdity for a phone that not only text but also email and occasionally other extensive texts must be written on.

Work in the Z100 two processors: one cares only about the GSM-specific functions and ensures that the phone keeps contact with the network. The second is responsible for Windows and the applications. In principle, the mobile can do multiple tasks at the same time. If both processors share the work, that works also fine. So it is, for example, no problem to make calls at the same time and to search for an address in your contacts. Also elaborate games run without problems during a telephone conversation.

But, the fun stops when a processor must perform two tasks at the same time. Who wants to hear for example when SMS typing MP3s, must reckon dropouts at least occasionally. And who wants to listen to music in a somewhat äufwändigeren game should prefer off – the media player and turn on the stereo.

Conclusion: Smart Phone With Little Quirks

A mobile revolution can not start the Windows phone by Sendo, but it is always a real enrichment. The smartphone combines amazingly many functions in a confined space. And apart from some defects the smart phone is really fun.

Before Christmas, Sendo wants to bring the Z100 in the retail portfolio of a German operator.According to currently run under other intensive negotiations with Vodafone and T-Mobile.Whether it is enough actually still for BB´s Christmas business is however uncertain.

The recommended price of Sendo for the Z100 includes a digital camera and games CD is just under 600 euro -. There are reportedly to buy two different packages: in addition to the photo & Fun Pack Sendo wants to offer an Executive Pack: here the buyer in addition to the digicam is a fabric keyboard, a waist pack and a CD-ROM with additional software, as with power point and PDF Viewer as well as the good game “Tennis Addict”. Planned selling price with contract: Photo & fun is there for around 350 euros, the Executive Pack will cost around 400 euros.

Windows Mobile Phone by Sendo What Long-Lasting 3

The competing product from HTC is much cheaper to have at least in England: in conjunction with an Orange mobile phone contract, it should cost between 220 and 240 euro. The Taiwanese are also according to also in intense talks with T-Mobile. And: the differences between the two devices are only minimally… In other words: it will not be easy for Sendo.