Zte Blade Q Maxi: 5 Inch Cell Phone in the Practice Test

Conclusion: The ZTE blade Q Maxi offers for around 130 euros not much. Only the long battery life offers us. It was then already. For the same price, there are better alternatives.

ZTE Blade Q Maxi: Consistently Mediocre

The ZTE blade Q not to install Maxi capable new accents in a test area. The mediocre Smart phone works strong dual-core processor with 1.3 GHz still solid. The browser handling is very notchy, just when scrolling the phone jerky strongly. Also, the Smart phone creaks and the display mount not saddle is connected to the housing. We can divide the fabric using our finger nails almost in complete.

ZTE Blade Q Maxi: Availability And OS

The ZTE blade Q Maxi is as standard delivered with Android 4.2.2. This version is not currently and whether an update will come, is still unknown. The Smartphone there only at the moment Base to buy.

ZTE Blade Q Maxi: Camera Flop-Battery Top

The standard interfaces are on board Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Jack. You do, however, have on LTE. The camera provides the next calamity. Even the simplest shots only severely distorts reflect the reality. The only delicacy of this cell phone device is the battery life in the online test 7:29 hours.

ZTE Blade Q Maxi: Alternative

This is an alternative with slightly smaller display Moto G. It gets the latest Android version 4.4.4 per update. In addition, the display has a higher resolution. The Smartphone is much better processes and overall performance. For this you need a higher price from 145 EUR take in buying and a smaller 0.5 inch display.