Definitions of Adaptation

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Adaptation is the action of adapting or adapting. The term adapt is to accommodate or adjust a thing. The word adaptation is of Latin origin “adapt“which means “to adjust one thing […]

Definitions of Acoustics

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The acoustics is the branch of physics that studies the generation, propagation and properties of the sound. The word, as such, comes from the Greek ἀκουστικός (akoustikós), which in […]

Definitions of Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is an ancient technique of traditional Chinese medicine that involves the introduction of special needles at specific points called energy resonators to restore health. Acupuncture […]

Definitions of BAE

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BAE is an acronym for the English expression “before anyone else”, which can be translated as “before anyone else”. Figuratively, it means “above anyone,” “more important than […]