Definitions of Badass

Badass is an expression of English that refers to a person or object that meets the expected conditions of a stereotype desired by the majority.

In this sense, when badass is used to describe a product or object as, for example, “a badass car ” means that it is a car that meets characteristics that arouses admiration and desire for possession in others.

When badass is used to refer to a person, usually of the masculine gender, it is translated into Spanish as “a tough guy” but who has a genuine personality that does not seek to appear, as a poser would.

With reference to the above, there is the movie Bad Ass released in 2012 directed by Craig Moss and starring Danny Trejo. The film is about Frank Vega, an American veteran of the Vietnam War, who earns the nickname of Bad Ass by becoming famous in a video that spreads over the Internet in which he appears beating two abusive skinheads in a transport public.

According to popular knowledge, badass person has the following characteristics:

  • It is genuine and does not do things to appear.
  • It is direct and sincere.
  • Defend the weakest.
  • He is aware of his limits.
  • He is humble and never mentions that he is a badass.
  • He never looks for fights.
  • Win the fights in which you get involved.