Definitions of ICT

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Information technology and communications. Known by the acronym ICT according to abbreviationfinder, Information technology and communications are the set of media (radio, television and conventional […]

OSI Model

Definitions of OSI Model

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OSI model. Reference framework for the definition of communication systems interconnection architectures. According to abbreviationfinder, it is a functional guideline for communications tasks and therefore […]

Integrated Services Digital Network

Definitions of ISDN

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According to AbbreviationFinder.org, the ITU-T (CCITT) defines the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN or ISDN in English) as: a network that comes from the evolution […]


Definitions of SATA

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According to AbbreviationFinder.org, SATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. Interface data transfer between the motherboard or Motherboard and various storage devices such as hard drives or […]

What is telemetry

Definitions of Telemetry

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What is telemetry? The term telemetry comes from surveying technology and summarizes measurement and transmission. In software development, however, such measurements and surveys are also […]

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Definitions of CRM

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The three-letter combination CRM itself stands for Customer Relationship Management (see www.abbreviationfinder.org). CRM covers a wide area of ​​case management, sales, analysis, reporting and much […]


Definitions of VGA

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Connection technology most widely used in TVs, monitors and video projectors currently is HDMI, but you can still find equipment based on old standards VGA, […]


Definitions of NTFS

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The NTFS (or New Technology File System based on ABBREVIATIONFINDER) is a file system that emerged with the release of Windows NT. Its reliability and performance […]