Definitions of Available

Available is an English adjective that means available, accessible or usable.

In this sense, the word available is used to refer to the status of something (an article, a merchandise, etc.) that is available to the public, in existence. For example: “ This product is available for sale ” (this product is available for sale).

Available can also be used as a synonym for usable to make reference to that which is available for use: “Money available for spending ”.

Also, available may be the status of a person who is unemployed or free. For example, someone who after having been dedicated to their tasks becomes free: “ The director is available to talk ”.

By extension, available can be applied to a person who has availability in a sentimental sense, since he is without company or has no partner.

It is usual to find this word in technologies or computer programs found in English. For example, when we are announced that a new Java update is available, or when a person is available in the WhatsApp instant messaging application , or when our device informs us that we have a certain amount of available memory, etc.

Available to promise

Available to promise (ATP) or, in Spanish ‘available to promise’, is an order management tool based on the actual availability of products in stock and the dates on which they can be delivered. In this sense, it is a system that allows managing and coordinating the demand for products with production plans.