Definitions of Apheresis


Apheresis is a term that comes from the Greek language and can be used in the field of grammar to refer to the elimination of a sound that appears at the beginning of a word. This process usually occurs with the etymological development.

Exactly we can determine that it derives from the Greek word “aphaeresis”, which is the result of the sum of three clearly differentiated parts such as:
-The prefix “apo-“, which can be translated as “outside”, “apart” or even “far”.
-The verb “hairo”, which is equivalent to “remove”.
-The suffix “-sis”, which is synonymous with “training” or “condition”.

An example of apheresis is the notion of “psychologist. ” In this case, “psychologist” loses the initial letter P due to apheresis and becomes a “psychologist”. Of course, both concepts share the same meaning: a psychologist or psychologist is an expert in psychology. The word that calls this science, in fact, can also be subjected to apheresis: “psychology” and “psychology” are words included in the dictionary of the SAR.

Many other examples of apheresis that must be taken into account are the following:
-Psoriasis, which thanks to this procedure is psoriasis.
-Mnemonic, which becomes a mnemonic.
-Gnome, which becomes a nome.
-Congratulations, that thanks to the apheresis becomes norawena.

In the field of poetry, apheresis used to be used as a resource to respect metric criteria. In our language, apheresis was used above all in the so-called Golden Age. Over the years, however, it lost popularity and is now almost unused.

For medicine, apheresis is a technique that allows the separation of the different substances that make up the blood. Thanks to the apheresis, a certain component can be removed as part of the treatment of a pathology or to perform a transfusion.

Apheresis can last from half an hour to two hours. The patient is connected to a machine where platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells can be separated. Once the desired product has been collected, the blood is reintroduced into the person.

It must be stated that, in particular, this mentioned apheresis procedure is a method of drawing blood in people who decide to donate. From this process, the following hallmarks can be highlighted:
-The procedure is carried out by means of a single puncture and through a machine that is in charge of separating the plasma or platelets.
-Fruit of the same a quantity of platelets is obtained more than enough to be able to carry out a transfusion.
-It is established that anyone in good health can carry out blood donation by apheresis.
-In particular, it is determined that the apheresis procedures that can be performed are the following: bone marrow processing, therapeutic plasma exchange, platelet collection, lymphoplasm exchange, stem cell collection, therapeutic leukapheresis, collection of polymorphonuclear cells…