American College of Hospital Administrators

Definitions of ACHA

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According to abbreviationfinder, American College of Hospital Administrators is commonly known as ACHA. The American College of Hospital Administrators (ACHA) was founded in 1963 by a […]

Albany Medical College

Definitions of AMC

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According to abbreviationfinder, Albany Medical College is commonly known as AMC. Albany Medical College was established in 1839 as the Albany Medical College and General Hospital. […]

Alaska Pacific University

Definitions of APU

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According to abbreviationfinder, Alaska Pacific University is commonly known as APU. Alaska Pacific University (APU) is a private, independent university located in Anchorage, Alaska. Founded in […]

Advanced Technology and Research Institute

Definitions of ATRI

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According to abbreviationfinder, Advanced Technology and Research Institute is commonly known as ATRI. The Advanced Technology and Research Institute (ATRI) is an international research organization dedicated […]


Definitions of NTIS

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NTIS stands for Non-Thyroidal Illness Syndrome. Non-thyroidal illness syndrome is not a disease in its own right, but occurs as part of serious illness or starvation. […]

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Definitions of HLHS

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According to abbreviationfinder, HLHS stands for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. The term hypoplastic left heart syndrome summarizes a severely underdeveloped left heart and several other serious […]


Definitions of ICT

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Information technology and communications. Known by the acronym ICT according to abbreviationfinder, Information technology and communications are the set of media (radio, television and conventional […]

OSI Model

Definitions of OSI Model

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OSI model. Reference framework for the definition of communication systems interconnection architectures. According to abbreviationfinder, it is a functional guideline for communications tasks and therefore […]

Definitions of CEO

Definitions of CEO

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What is a CEO? Definition: CEO comes from the US and stands for ‘Chief Executive Officer’. In German-speaking countries, according to abbreviationfinder, the abbreviation CEO […]

Integrated Services Digital Network

Definitions of ISDN

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According to, the ITU-T (CCITT) defines the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN or ISDN in English) as: a network that comes from the evolution […]


Definitions of UNDP

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Known as United Nations Development Program on, UNDP is the global network of the United Nations for Development, promoting change and connecting countries with […]


Definitions of SATA

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According to, SATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. Interface data transfer between the motherboard or Motherboard and various storage devices such as hard drives or […]


Definitions of KPI

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According to, KPI are the key performance indicators in a company. Metrics are generally established in the strategic planning stage, in line with the […]


Definitions of GPL

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According to, GPL is short for General Public License. Any activity other than copying, distribution or modification is not covered by this License, it […]

International Labour Organization

Definitions of ILO

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ILO: International Labour Organization According to, International Labour Organization is abbreviated as ILO which is the world institution organized for peace and social development, […]

Definitions of KGB

Definitions of KGB

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KGB KGB [Abbreviation for Russian K omitet G ossudarstvennoj B esopasnosti »Committee for State Security« according to],from 1954 name of the Soviet secret service. […]

Definitions of GRE

Definitions of GRE

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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE, see more acronyms on is the entrance exam to graduate programs in the areas of Sciences and Humanities required by […]

Definitions of GMAT

Definitions of GMAT

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The GMAT or “Graduate Management Admission Test” is a computerized exam that allows an applicant to qualify various skills, among these are reading, writing and […]

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Definitions of CRM

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The three-letter combination CRM itself stands for Customer Relationship Management (see CRM covers a wide area of ​​case management, sales, analysis, reporting and much […]


Definitions of VGA

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Connection technology most widely used in TVs, monitors and video projectors currently is HDMI, but you can still find equipment based on old standards VGA, […]


Definitions of NTFS

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The NTFS (or New Technology File System based on ABBREVIATIONFINDER) is a file system that emerged with the release of Windows NT. Its reliability and performance […]

Definitions of BAE

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BAE is an acronym for the English expression “before anyone else”, which can be translated as “before anyone else”. Figuratively, it means “above anyone,” “more important than […]