Definitions of SAT

Definitions of SAT

This article teaches you how to get a good score on the Reading Section of the SAT Test.

As you may already know, the reading section in the new version of the SAT exam consists of 52 questions that must be solved in 65 minutes. In effect, you will have a little over an hour to read five different passages dealing with a variety of topics such as history, social studies, literature, and natural science. Each of them will have questions related to the meaning of a particular word or the intention of the author Basically, you have to be prepared to face all kinds of questions.

SAT Pre-Reading Preparation

The most important part of your preparation for the SAT reading section is reading Simple as that! What, when and how much you read will definitely help you to function better in this section as it is good practice to know what you are up against Also take time to understand the logic behind each question.

Read, read and read

Psychologically speaking, you perform better at things that you know or are most comfortable with. The same goes for reading. As we mentioned before, the reading section of the SAT has five passages Unless you are comfortable reading and understanding passages in general, this part may be a bit difficult for you. To do this, we will prepare you to get used to reading daily, you will be able to do mock exams every two weeks and you will have at your disposal a preparation book: all these materials will provide you with they will help you get a good score on the SAT test.

Definitions of SAT

Analyze all kinds of readings

The passages in the reading section of the SAT test cover a variety of topics. If you have only focused on a single subject, the SAT will not be easy for you Reading a variety of texts as a habit will improve your understanding of vocabularies and languages; you will be a better connoisseur.

The types of texts that you should include in your reading are:

  • 19th century literature
  • Articles on science (applied, physics, biology, technique, etc.)
  • Modern fiction

In short, read a lot and all kinds of texts.

Increase your reading speed

Your reading speed will make a big difference in your performance. After all, you have to answer 52 questions based on 5 passages and in 65 minutes. You will definitely have to concentrate to be able to capture all the information in a single read.

If you read too fast or slow, you are only adding more pressure to your proof During your SAT prep classes, assess your speed and work to improve it One way to find out your ideal reading speed is to check your retention level What you have to do is read a passage in a certain time and write the essence of the passage in 5 sentences Simply put, these 5 sentences should summarize the reading without diluting the author’s meaning or intention The time you took will be your current speed Once you know that information, work to improve it.

During the SAT exam

Do a quick read

If you’ve read enough by now, have improved your speed, and have the ability to summarize a passage, then you may already be ready for quick readings. After carefully reading the passages and questions, quickly read the text to locate and get all the details you need to answer the questions.

Mark and take notes

SAT passages are not the most interesting things you will read. On the contrary, they could be some of the most boring passages you have ever read. To avoid rereading the passage a third time, mark the sections of the passages that mention the main idea or take notes as you read This will help you find the answers quickly.

Answer the easiest questions before

The questions in the reading section are not in order of difficulty; They are placed randomly and you don’t have to answer them in chronological order. What we want to tell you is that, if you find a question particularly difficult, don’t get stuck and move on Simply put, answer the easiest ones first.

Answer randomly

According to Abbreviationfinder, the new version of the SAT does not subtract points if you answer a question wrong In case you are left with a lot of difficult questions to answer, feel free to guess. You have nothing to lose.


The most important thing to do during the SAT is to stay calm and focused Every time you feel pressured or blocked, remember to breathe.